20 January 2010

Worms Armageddon - Nintendo 64

Ever play with worms? I have. Usually in my backyard when I was a young boy but I never dreamed I would still be doing it as an adult. I love it. It's an addiction. And it's even more fun with friends. Obviously I'm talking about a game called "Worms." If you've never heard of it I'm not surprised. It has a small following but this is a game that I love to introduce people to because it's just so much fun to play that it's turned so many others into believers. My first encounter with this classic little game came when I was in college. I remember being bored in one of my computer classes and I began to download this game suggesting the idea of a war-time strategy with worm soldiers. I couldn't pass it up. So simple it's genius. A 2D generated landscape with a team of worms scattered throughout the warzone. A turn based game that allows you to eliminate your opponent in so many ways until the last man, err, worm is standing. Brilliant.
It wasn't until the N64 that Worms really skyrocketed with its rendition of Worms Armageddon. One of the best multiplayer games to date that I bet you've never played. You name your worms. Pick a nationality; yes they talk. Then blow your opponent sky high with a rocket launcher. I cannot convey to you the pure fun this game can be with three other friends. It's stressful, funny, and strategic. Think about it. It's your move, you maneuver your worm via ninja rope into better position of the enemy. Then you cycle through your weapons for the perfect choice. Bazooka? Nah. Shotgun? Nope. Grenade? No way. Holy hand grenade? Oh yes. You then heave back and launch your angelic friend bouncing off 2D landscapes and lands directly beside your enemy. Perfect. You fist pump in the air (you actually will) as you see the enemy worm's eyes enlarge to the size of light bulbs: "Oh no!"
The last thing they will hear is a choir sing "Hallelujah" as the grenade blows apart half the map sending the worm skyrocketing into the watery depths below. Your worms cheer, but you have a long way to go to win the war.
All of that was just one move. Now you can imagine what the rest of the game is like. Swatting worms with baseball bats, uzis, shotguns, exploding sheep; yes, I said exploding sheep. This game is a blast. Literally. If you have never played this game then you are missing out on what multiplayer fun is all about. Find an N64 and grab your friends because war is not always hell, here it's heaven. Suit up soldier.
By Stephen O'Blenis