25 January 2010

Super Mario Galaxy - Nintendo Wii

Super Mario has always been awesome. I'm pretty sure it was the first console video game I ever played. I played everything from Kingdom Hearts on the PS2 to Skate on the Xbox 360 … and Mario has kept me a Nintendo man. Jumping around in world 1-1 and racing on the Rainbow Road has given me confidence that the Mario franchise is one of the best video game series in the world. In one of his newer adventures, Mario gets to kick goomba butt in space! Super Mario Galaxy makes you freak out on physics and lets you swipe coins on the ceiling.
Collect power stars by beating Bowser's minions, fly to the center of the universe and save the princess. I'd say that's a pretty simple storyline … with a couple of twists along the way. A friend will help you on your way by giving you hints on the level or just flat out telling you what to do. You'll surf manta rays and float around in giant bubbles to almost unreachable stars. Collect the elusive green stars and unlock an extra hard galaxy meant for the best gamers (as stated by the little green guys themselves).
Beat Bowser and you unlock your brother Luigi as a playable character. The game was awesome and kept me distracted for almost the whole summer. I rate the game an 8 out of 10 because the camera would screw around every once in a while … but all in all it was pretty great. I guess I'm saying you should play it if you like alternative platformers.
One more thing: Avoid the black holes. They're bad.
By Sebastian Rodriguez Lawton