23 January 2010

Bayonetta – Xbox 360, PS3

"Action-packed, non-stop, heart-pumping, edge of your seat action." These are common words used to describe any summertime blockbuster movie. These buzz words have become associated to action movies for years but don't rush down to your local theater just yet. I'm talking about a video game.
Yes, a video game. This game embodies every one of those words and then some. Never have I played a game that doesn't give you a break. There is pure and constant action. The only break you'll have is a saucy cinematic that ties the story together and, trust me, you'll be hoping for these breaks. Welcome to the world of "Bayonetta."
"Bayonetta" is simply the most action I have ever experienced in a video game. To borrow a common phrase, it's like "being on a non-stop roller coaster" of action. The story is basically about a witch who has been asleep for over 500 years and now she has awakened and cannot remember her past. She seems to be caught in the battle between heaven and hell and uses her extraordinary skills to blast and slash her enemies to bits. Bayonetta is not a woman to mess with. She has shotguns on her legs. Need I say more? The bosses in this game are like nothing you have ever seen. Yes, "God of War" does a sensational job but "Bayonetta" has just about the largest boss battles ever. Every time you think you've seen the unreal, it just gets crazier. I won't even mention the final battle. This game should come with a warning label. It contains so many "look at that!" moments you don't want to play alone. I literally would look around and wish someone was in the room with me to see what I just did. Incredible.
The gameplay is top-notch, the controls tight and the graphics are outstanding. Everything that makes a game great. The amount of weapons and moves cannot be obtained with only one play through – and trust me when I say that the first play through on normal is no walk in the park. You'll be pushing 15-17 hours of action. There were sometimes that I wanted to pick up and play but I just couldn't because I knew I was just too tired to continue. You need energy for this game. How many games can you say that about?
"Bayonetta" is large on all scales. Her arsenal is huge, her move set just seems to continue to grow and the items you pick up along the way never seem to stop astonishing. The game is simply great. So I guess the question remains, "Can a brand new game be one of the greatest of all time?" Keep in mind that the main character is also female and, other than Lara Croft, female characters don't get much love from the video game world. I say, absolutely. This game is something I will always remember. That is what makes a game great. The story, the characters, the action. Everything you would find in a blockbuster movie is in a blockbuster game. Just because a game is new doesn't mean it isn't able to sit among the greatest of all time. So strap yourself in and hold on; you're about to fall under the spell of "Bayonetta."
By Stephen O'Blenis

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