02 January 2010

Pure - Xbox 360/Playstation 3

Pure filled a gap that had been vacant for too long. It’s a fun racer – an absolute blast of a game that takes itself just seriously enough to be a first class title but not so serious that it gets mired in too many technical details. It’s an arcade racer, yes, but it has a ton of customization and options that elevate it way above some of the previous entries in the genre.
The name says it all: Pure is pure fun and excitement and should not be missed.
But how about some details, yes?
Once fired up Pure will want you to build your own ATV. There’s a “quick-build” option, which tempted my lazy nature. I’m glad I decided to build it myself. I typically bore of endless customization options in racers, but Pure is straight forward and enjoyable. I put together and crimson and gold beauty that I called “Stark 1,” sealing my geek reputation once and for all.
Then I was off to the races.
“Pure” allows you to pull off some great tricks without much difficulty but demands serious skills to reach the higher levels of trick insanity. It also forces you to balance your desire to pull of super-human moves with your taste for victory. Pull off some nice tricks and you’ll be rewarded with the boost you need to win the race. Use the boost and your trick set will be limited. Boost sure makes winning easier – but the more you risk, the greater your reward.
You decide.
By Victor Paul Alvarez

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