05 January 2010

No Mercy - Nintendo 64

It’s been years since I watched professional wrestling. I had a passing interest in it during the late 90s when I had no girlfriend and plenty of time on my hands. The guys I once mocked for watching grown men slap each other around became close friends I still know today. My epiphany came one evening when I stopped by Steve O’s house (he’s a diehard, lifelong fan). I caught a few minutes of a monologue by The Rock. It was hilarious and I was hooked.
For awhile.
I don’t watch anymore but I have saved one integral piece of that time in my life: No Mercy for the N64.
No other game tops No Mercy in the fun category. Of course other games are as fun as No Mercy, but I doubt that any of them can top it. The computer AI is excellent, but nothing beats slugging it out with a few friends of similar skills. The character customization is primitive but deep, so you can easily fill the ring with four avatars that look like you and your buddies. The moves available are extensive and the “pick up and play” nature of the game allows even newbies a shot at the title. I never took to any of the wrestling games that have been released since No Mercy. I’m told that some of them are excellent, but I’ve got the only grappler I need.
Check it out. You will not be disappointed.
By Victor Paul Alvarez

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